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Who Said Men Can’t Shop?

On Sep 11, 2014, in Drinkware, by urbandazzle

Who Said Men Can't Shop?

Men, have always regarded shopping as a bit of a touchy subject. A very simple example would be, to observe a regular man, at your next visit to a nearby shopping mall. The lone man will simply walk from place to place, pulling out random things from shelves, and throw them into his cart. Food, dining ware and underwear, often get billed together with the cashier usually reserving a self satisfying smirk, because he knows that all the items in said man’s cart, are the ones that were right on display.

The psychology behind this is simple. Men hate lines, and hate to wait. Hence, he will go to this mall with the primary objective of securing a good parking spot (good luck with that on weekends), and then concentrate on picking up the things he needs fast, so he can get ahead in line, when billing them.

Patience runs low, and parking fares run high. When accompanied by his family, he will wear a harangued look, as if the world’s weight is upon his shoulders.

Shopping for electronics he will do online, there are a million sites to choose from, and even clothes, to some extent he can pick up online. But what if he has to pick up some essentials? Like coffee mugs, or beer glasses, or ashtrays?

Ego Alter Carre' tumbler dof 340ml with gold rims

These are the items that suffer the most in terms of aesthetics. These are the items at the very front of the shelf which the man will aimlessly pick up because he doesn’t want to waste time in the aisle. Why stand in line buying beer glasses, when you can be sitting at home drinking beer instead?

Unfortunately, you have to pay attention to aesthetics. After the age of 23 it is inappropriate to drink straight out of cans or bottles. Unless you’re living by the side of the road, in which case you better get your priorities straight, and get yourself back on your feet, before you think of more beer.

No. The modern man, must stock his bar adequately. He must have some good accessories that are able to serve the various needs that are there at a bar. A small space, that commands a lot of detail, the home bar, is to the man, what the kitchen is to the woman.

Find yourself spoilt for choice, guys, with the latest collections of bar-ware at UrbanDazzle, India’s premier online store (and man’s savior), for drinkware and accessories. Splurge on some really good beer tumblers, and shot glasses, invest in a good set of whisky decanters, and buy some good cocktail shakers.

Borgonovo Rosy Beer Mug 500 ml

Brands like Devnow bar, and Luigi Bormioli, will definitely excite you. Do check out the fantastic range of ashtrays that are there, for sale, and at rates, which you wouldn’t believe if anyone told you.

UrbanDazzle, has a habit, of regularly offering some fat discounts on their products, so you will never feel guilty about spending too much, rather you’ll feel you’ve robbed a store, spent too little, and bought too much.

And, before you check out, with your cart loaded with the things you want? Do buy her something delectable from the gift shop; she’ll appreciate your shopping prowess. So go on men, and let the shopping begin.