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Moments to be cherished!

On Apr 25, 2015, in Dining, Dinnerware, Drinking, Drinkware, by urbandazzle

All of us have always had that special group of friends; we always have liked to hang out with. Whether...

Office Lunch? No worries!

On Oct 11, 2014, in Cook n Preserve, by urbandazzle

The lunch, is an important meal of the day. For different people it is as varied as the number of...

Charming Decor That Enthralls Your Guests

On Sep 27, 2014, in Decore, Dinnerware, Drinkware, Figurines, Home Decor, Photo Frames, Vases, by urbandazzle

How important is presentation to you? Most of us would reply in the affirmative. Now the next question, that is,...

Gear up for Navratri. Gift with UrbanDazzle

Navratri is near, and it is time to celebrate again. Navratri is a major festival that means nine nights, in...

Celebrate, Rediscover and Shine this festive season

On Sep 22, 2014, in Decore, Dining, Dinnerware, Dinnerware, Drinking, Drinkware, by urbandazzle

Urban Dazzle is the perfect place to be this festive season. The incredible offers, new, unique and brilliant products and...

Shop like a King, spend like a Pauper

On Sep 20, 2014, in Cutlery, Decore, Dining, Dining Table Essentials, Dinnerware, Photo Frames, Vases, by urbandazzle

Yes, this is possible. Today’s designer world is overrun with expensive labels that have set up showrooms, in remote parts...

Celebrate with UrbanDazzle

On Sep 19, 2014, in Home Decor, by urbandazzle

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, when you click on one of the many tabs at, that there are...

Decor: The Basics Rules

On Sep 17, 2014, in Center Pieces, Decore, Vases, by urbandazzle

What is decor? Simply put it, décor is the short form for decoration. And by decoration, we aren’t talking Christmas...

Who Said Men Can’t Shop?

On Sep 11, 2014, in Drinkware, by urbandazzle

Men, have always regarded shopping as a bit of a touchy subject. A very simple example would be, to observe...

Ditch Plastic Water Bottles, NOW

On Sep 08, 2014, in Drinking, Drinkware, by urbandazzle

Usually, the mineral water bottles, we buy are usually the one’s we keep using, and keeping in our fridge at...