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Who Said Men Can’t Shop?

On Sep 11, 2014, in Drinkware, by urbandazzle

Men, have always regarded shopping as a bit of a touchy subject. A very simple example would be, to observe...

Beer and the Foods that go with it

On Jul 25, 2014, in Beer Mug, Beer Pilsner, Drinking, Drinkware, Tumbler, by urbandazzle

Hosting a beer bash? No problem. Beer, is universally loved, and enjoyed by all, some even consider it the sweet...

Football,Popcorn and Beer

On Jul 01, 2014, in Barware, Drinking, Drinkware, Wine Glass, by urbandazzle

In no particular order, those three things, are definitely the flavor of the month gone by, and the one upon...

Bar Accessories For A Splendid Summer

On Jun 25, 2014, in Barware, Drinking, Drinkware, Wine Glass, by urbandazzle

Even the best designed homes may lack appeal without the right tools. If you are the kind of person that...

Whiskey Tumblers

On Jun 23, 2014, in Barware, Casserole, Drinkware, Wine Glass, by urbandazzle

There has been a great deal of doubt and mystery surrounding what to drink, in what fashion. Many people today,...

Raising the BAR- Essentials of a home bar

On Jun 07, 2014, in Barware, by urbandazzle

Creating a home bar is an exciting experience. A home bar can add oodles of sophistication to your home, and...

Stylish Living, Elegant Gifting

On May 14, 2014, in Barware, Dinnerware, Gifting, serving bowls, by urbandazzle

A website, that caters to the stylish, the elegant and the classy. Find products that are varied, in their nature,...