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Shop like a King, spend like a Pauper

Yes, this is possible. Today’s designer world is overrun with expensive labels that have set up showrooms, in remote parts of our cities. We anxiously drive away to these places, only to find overpriced products, that don’t even fit our budget. We limit our capacity to just one store, because we cannot, for the life of it, afford the time, money or patience that it takes to visit another one of the same capacity.

Well, things have changed. E Commerce has revolutionized the way we shop. It has managed to bring everything to our doorstep. Now, we do not have to rely on relatives living abroad, nor on overpriced designer showrooms, to get what we want, in terms of designer-ware.

8one9 Sliver Photo Frame

Well, almost. Clothing and electronics have been taken care of by websites. But what about home essentials? And we’re not talking about furniture. That is something you should always visit a store and buy! We’re talking fine dining-ware and bar-ware. We’re talking about gifting, and just not regular run of the mill gifts. Something exquisite like fine handcrafted vases. Something as memorable as a studded photo-frame.
We’re talking basic stuff, like beer mugs, right to designer cutlery, right from tea-sets engraved with exquisite art, right to dinner sets that are fit to adorn the table at the Royal Palace.

Herdmar Atlanta Old Gold 27 Piece flatware set

UrbanDazzle, has managed to bring to us, a large array of such products that were previously never found in our cities, or in our country. Welcome to the land of designer cutlery like Herdmar, and designer brands like Devnow, Alter Ego, Luigi Bormioli, Luminarc, Borgonovo, Libbey, etc. These brands have set benchmarks as far as product craftsmanship is concerned. These brands are the kind that people would swim across shores, to be able to get their hands on. And now, they could adorn your house, thanks to UrbanDazzle. UrbanDazzle, allows you to shop like a king and spend like a pauper. This is due to the massive discounts; they put on each and every product, every day. And it is never the same product with the same offer. This is applied to a vast number of products. They also offer multiple discounts. For example if you pick up 3 items, each of which has 5-10% off, you could also by virtue of a coupon, apply a blanket discount on the entire lot.

This is the true definition of shopping like a king. You get access to premium brands that would otherwise, be difficult to ever find in our country, Designer ware so exquisite, that you would be scared to use it. But fear not, because whatever is sold on UrbanDazzle, combines, uniquely, function and style. It also comes with a guarantee of satisfaction. Such a bundle of happiness can only be found on UrbanDazzle. With the festive season knocking on the door, it is only fit that you buy online from UrbanDazzle. Make sure that your house reflects your personality and your taste. After all, it is only with the help of UrbanDazzle, that you can turn your house, into a home. Shop like a king on UrbanDazzle, today!