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Office Lunch? No worries!

On Oct 11, 2014, in Cook n Preserve, by urbandazzle

Office Lunch? No worries!

The lunch, is an important meal of the day. For different people it is as varied as the number of cultures we have in our diverse nation!

Sadly, not a lot of attention is being paid, to the importance of a healthy diet today. At least not by the majority of people. Lunch, thus has become somewhat of a hurried ritual in the middle of the workday. The most harmful is the quick gobbling of oily samosas before one can get to the next meeting.
You don’t really need to put down a 3 course protein rich meal for lunch, but there are a few things that are easily prepared that you can carry with you. These would not only make a sumptuous lunch, but would also make sure that you remain at an optimal level of energy and alertness to go through the rest of the day!


  1. Sandwiches are always a great option. Brown bread, not white, as it has a higher nutritional value. Grilled sandwiches are a great option as well! For the vegans, you could always add something interesting, and as simple as a slice of cheese, and a bit of lettuce! For the non-vegetarian folks, there is the trusty chicken sandwich. The sandwich is a great alternative to a shawarma, or a roll, because of the total lack of oil. Grilled vegetable sandwiches give you the energy, as well as the regular required dosage of proteins and carbs that you need.
  2. Fruits are a great option for those who love them. Papayas, guavas, oranges, bananas, the entire lot. In fact a diet rich in fruits is a diet rich in fiber. Roughage ensures that your digestive system works without any hitches. In fact, you should always top off the sandwiches with a couple of fruits of your choice, or a fruit salad if you wish.
  3. Nuts are great for you. Try the regular “chana” or the peanuts, or anything else. Nuts are high in calories, and give you loads of energy. Chola or Rajmah would be a nutritious lunch. Once again, a combination is recommended here. Just surviving on dry fruits is not good for you. Add a palm full of almonds to your regular lunch regime. Dates are excellent. They have a high content of glucose as well.
  4. Home cooked food is obviously the best option for those who are privileged enough. However be sure to avoid rice. Rice makes you feel excessively drowsy, which you will counter by drinking a lot of coffee. Chapattis, if oil free are the best option, and wheat is great for you. Vegetables could be boiled, or any preparation could be done, just be careful there isn’t too much oil involved.

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