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Moments to be cherished!

On Apr 25, 2015, in Dining, Dinnerware, Drinking, Drinkware, by urbandazzle

Moment to be cherrish

All of us have always had that special group of friends; we always have liked to hang out with. Whether from school, childhood, the neighborhood or from college, friends have been an integral part of our growing up years, shaping the way we have been programmed to think, in our youth, and eventually in our adult life. Throughout the course of life, we meet a lot of people. Colleagues and other acquaintances, but then the special bond we share with our lifelong friends, transcends all. Friends, are meant to be together, and are meant to cherish each day they spend together. You could all be living in different parts of the planet, and eventually have your own husbands, wives and children to look after, but when you meet your old friends, it all harkens back to the days of old, and you feel at home, with the closest of your bunch, the ones who have seen you through thick and thin and the one’s in front of whom, you can act in any way you want, without caring about society’s rules. You can be as silly, a foolish, as happy, as sad, you can laugh, cry, scream, do whatever you feel like, with them. It does not matter. They have always been there with you, and will always will.

Many of us take friendships for granted, especially, when we start settling down into our own lives. We stop caring about them, and call them even more infrequently, and as time goes by, the relationships might not be as frequent, as they were, when we were younger.


However, a good friend will always keep in touch no matter what. A good friend, will make sure that whether rain or shine, thick or thin, he/she will always, remember you. Even if it is a simple text, or a one line email, it always helps to keep in touch.

When you get together, however, it is always a different story. Catching up is undoubtedly fun, be it once in four, five, or ten years. Friends, will always be friends no matter what. Imagine if you invited your friends over, and they were seeing you after five years. Now, even though a certain level of comfort would be achieved, given that you’ll know each other for ages now, you would still feel the butterflies, when you host them. It is no longer a time, to drink punch out of a bucket. You would naturally go all out, and buy the most expensive top-shelf liquor, and treat them to it.

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UrbanDazzle has some amazing drinkware, and diningware, to make sure that you catch up in style. Now, you can have the same college popcorn, but in a fancier container, because now you’ve grown older, and more sophisticated. UrbanDazzle, allows you, to be more stylish with the way you live, albeit without making a large hole in your pocket.
Because friendships are to be cherished, and moments with friends, spent, should be remembered for a long time, UrbanDazzle makes sure, that their products are perfect, to complement your fun evenings with your buddies.