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Keep your food fresh

On Aug 07, 2014, in Cook n Preserve, by urbandazzle

keep your food fresh

Food needs to be preserved, if it is to retain its nutrient characteristics, and be appetizing. Good food, especially creamy and chocolaty food, or something with a lot of gravy should not be kept in the fridge for more than a day, at the most, because it tends to spoil very easily.

Similarly, anything that contains onions, for example a pizza, should not see the other side of 24 hours.

Food is best enjoyed, fresh and piping hot. Sometimes, keeping it hot is the challenging part, as most people, on this planet, except the unemployed ones, have to carry theirs to work. Food must be kept hot, the office goers insist, and should be compact enough so they do not look like they are carrying around a steel Tiffin dabba.
Now, you want your food hot, fresh, and want to look fancy while carrying it. This is a bit of a catch 22 situation, because it does seem difficult to achieve. However, there is nothing easier than carrying good food, looking stylish while doing so.

UrbanDazzle, has again, come to the forefront, by introducing some products that are bound to keep your meal fresh, thus keeping you suitably and ably nourished, throughout the day. Office goers’ and business executives, in the corporate world can rejoice, because, their food containers and the bags they are carried in, will probably look fancier than the laptop of the attaché containing papers.


Vacuum Lunch Jar Matte Silver

UrbanDazzle has stainless steel food containers that make sure your heat preserved roti’s or that tempting chicken, stays as tempting as it looked, when it left the bottom of the cooker.

Zojirushi has made advances in leaps and bounds in this department, with their vacuum sealed lunch containers, carrying multiple compartments, allow you to store generous amounts of variable food. We do not eat only one item in a meal; we usually like our rice, our dal, our veggies, or chicken/fish/mutton, on one compact container. However, if you put this all together, all you will get at the end of the day, is a horrible paste, of all this mashed together. Thankfully, Zojirushi’s lunch containers have multiple little containers that allow you to store various items, of your choice, so when you eat, you will actually feel as if you are lunching at home.

This is how UrbanDazzle, has successfully dominated this market sphere as well. Food preservation. Those who thought this website was primarily for just barware, and dinnerware, could never be further from the truth. UrbanDazzle, is so varied in its product catalogue, that you could find containers, dishes, and decanters for everything, anything between beer and butter chicken, can find its corresponding container, right here on


Lock n Lock Divider Container

There has never been an online store, of the things that we need. We do not need laptops, or any electronic item, unless we splurge and buy them!

UrbanDazzle has created space in an industry dominated by tasteless consumer durables, by allowing you to shop essential homeware, right from the comfort of your home. UrbanDazzle has made it possible, for you to purchase essentials, like these food containers, so you do not have to drive yourselves, crazily around town, to find something that you need.

UrbanDazzle is the best, comprehensive solution for solutions that give your home a unique identity, something that you can pick and choose, and make sure that your home. Reflects You!