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Ditch Plastic Water Bottles, NOW

On Sep 08, 2014, in Drinking, Drinkware, by urbandazzle

Ditch Plastic Water Bottles, NOW

Usually, the mineral water bottles, we buy are usually the one’s we keep using, and keeping in our fridge at home.  Apart from being a major environmental concern, these plastic bottles are breeders of various kinds of germs and bacteria. This is because, mineral water, is not safe. Admittedly, the regulations that govern tap water are tighter than the ones that govern mineral water.

Plastic bottles are piling up, a classic by product of today’s waste. Most of these are then burned, which means they release toxic chemicals in the air. The one’s that are recycled, find their way back to retailers, who re-seal them, and claim the water is “spring pure”, making you buy it immediately.

Plastic containers, when used again and again, become a potent health hazard. This is because the plastic degrades over time, causing a buildup of many chemicals that dissolve in the water some of these chemicals being carcinogenic. Plastic water bottles also experience a quick buildup of dirt, mostly because of the way the cap screws close. It is very difficult to dislodge dirt within the cap grooves, which means, you will be breeding a happy family of germs there, drinking out of that bottle without a clue of the health hazards that you are unwittingly exposing yourself to. Plastic bottles should not be used. Instead, use stainless steel bottles, if you have to carry around water or use glass containers, to store water when at home.
There has also been a case, in which it was found, that people drinking from plastic bottles left in the car, were developing signs of breast cancer. This is because the chemicals present in the plastic, break down under heat. This is true for washing these bottles in hot water as well. It is wiser, and more practical, to use glass bottles or steel containers.

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When washed with particular detergents. The plastic tends to degrade, and this is definitely not a good sign. Chemicals like arsenic are then released, and these build up as residue in the bottle, mixing in the water that ultimately YOU drink.

Be wise, and ditch plastic bottles, especially for the health of your family. It is a small step in making sure that you are safeguarded, against any health issue that might arise, as a result of plastic bottle use.

UrbanDazzle has fantastic collections of water decanters, bottles and flasks. There are bottles by Tiger, Zojirushi that add an element of style, all the while keeping your water chemical free, and pure. These bottles are also designed in a specific manner that makes sure, that cold water remains cold.

For home use, there are glass bottles, in a variety of interesting colors, brought to you by brands like Luigi Bormioli, Borgonovo, Devnow Ceramics, as well as a variety of jugs and pitchers, that could be used to safely store water, without exposing you to carcinogenic health hazards.

Remember, health is wealth, and the first step is to be taken by you. So ditch plastic, and get wiser. Shop on UrbanDazzle, for comprehensive home solutions, today.