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Decor: The Basics Rules

On Sep 17, 2014, in Center Pieces, Decore, Vases, by urbandazzle

Decor:- The Basics Rules

What is decor? Simply put it, décor is the short form for decoration. And by decoration, we aren’t talking Christmas streamers, or Diwali lights, we’re talking subtle lines. Strategically placed objects, in a strategically painted room. There are many little things that come to mind, when one says décor but none of them are actually implemented. Everyone hires an interior designer, to do up their home. Okay, that does make sense if you are a millionaire, and you have a huge mansion, and very little time to spend in it. Hence, the designer does it up for you, albeit brilliantly, and then sends you a huge bill, for the services and the décor, and you don’t mind paying, because you of course are a millionaire.

But what if you’re not a millionaire? Wouldn’t you want your house to still reflect that you are?

Well, the good news is that you most certainly can. And you do not have to spend a bomb. Start off by taking a vantage view of your house. Of every room. See what the paint scheme is, and how the different colors of each room interact with each other. Take care to notice where the walls end. This is important, because corners are the best places to put something of significance. Look at the walls. Are they bare? Would you want some sort of painting hung on them? Would you like to implement some wall décor?

Decor, as a rule, has no rules, there are a lot of people, who bend the so called rules, very successfully, and come up with mind blowing results. The trick lies in knowing what to place where.

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Centerpieces and vases are words that are thrown around casually, and are often taken for granted. But however, you must never ever place something in a place that it would not fit, because it would be a complete waste of space, and artifact.

Decorate tastefully, do not clutter. Sometimes, in a smaller space, minimal decoration is the norm because you do not want to take up wanted space that you would actually need. Sometimes, a nice shag carpet, with a smaller rounder center table, with a small vase on top would just work fine.

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Be sure to check out the beautiful photo frames, the class décor items, and the little things, that can turn and empty space into a home.

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Decor is worth investing in, because décor stays with you. Not something that you throw away, but something that lends a personality to your home, while taking some of the house’s vibe as well, and fitting in perfectly. Vases by Cristal Darques, and Ego Alter, are bound to take your breath away, by their simplicity, yet complexity. Prices are so competitive; you probably pay a phone bill per month that costs lesser. Do not ever neglect the aspect of décor. Because what you put in your home, speaks of whom you are.