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Celebrate with UrbanDazzle

On Sep 19, 2014, in Home Decor, by urbandazzle

Celebrate with UrbanDazzle

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, when you click on one of the many tabs at, that there are so many new products, each time to choose from. Whether you speak with regards to drinkware, kitchenware, barware, and lifestyle accessories there is always something new, something better, something innovative.

India’s numero uno website, for fine living and dining, has been launching a category, almost a week since its inception.

The basic underlying factor below UrbanDazzle’s success is simple. The formula is to keep the customer, as in you happy. And nothing makes a shopper happier than discounts right?

Hence, log on today, to see the massive price cuts on some of UrbanDazzle’s flagship products. Whether it is with regards to the vases that you find in the gift section, right to the huge crockery sets, fit enough to have tea with a king.

Christian Zanotti Groovy Blooms Dinner Set

UrbanDazzle comes up with promotional schemes, every other day. There are various Indian festivals in our calendar, and with each festival, comes its own way of celebrations. Whether it was Eid, or Onam, or the upcoming Navratri, consumers will notice the steady discounts that roll out at these times. These discounts are in addition, to the already huge price slashes on the products on UrbanDazzle.

Not one to make shopping a monotonous experience, the site has filed away categories neatly, so at the click of a mouse, you could switch from beer mugs, to luxury cutlery, like Herdmar.

Brands from the shores of Europe, and the United States, have made UrbanDazzle their home and it is the website’s Endeavour, to bring to the discerning Indian consumer, products that he/she would erstwhile, have to shop abroad for.

When holidaying abroad, you don’t want to accessorize your kitchen? But then, for regular holiday goers’ especially, there is that special tinge of disappointment when you cannot bring something through customs because it weighs too much. Or for those who have not travelled out of the country there is the sense of longing when you look at the lovely pieces on display on the websites of various designer-ware brands.

Now, UrbanDazzle has bridged the demand-supply gap, with élan. Now, you don’t even have to leave the bedroom, but America’s leading glassware manufacturer, Libbey, can be at your doorstep, with just the mere click of a mouse.

It is not often that one comes across a website innovative enough to offer its customers, a wide range of products. UrbanDazzle does just that, and for him or for her, there is equal opportunity to exclaim in delight, when sifting through the product tabs.

Devnow Crystal Bohemia Smile Candy Pot

Not to be left far behind, home décor also finds its way on UrbanDazzle, on the unique gift-tab section of the website, where vases, and photo frames, as well as center-pieces, can be yours, simply if you wish them to be so, and pay the nominal asking price that they require.

UrbanDazzle, has revolutionized the way that the Indian shopping scene, is performing, online. Especially during those festive months, when you don’t want to stand in snaking queues, in overcrowded malls.
Discover the decorator/curator/collector/artist in you, by picking out the exquisite pieces, on offer at UrbanDazzle, India’s premier E Commerce website, for wining and dining in style.