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Elevate the Joy of Christmas with UrbanDazzle

With Christmas just around the corner and all the hullabaloo surrounding the cash crunch settling down, what would be better...

Beat the Heat with Stunning Beer Mugs

On Apr 11, 2016, in Beer Mug, by urbandazzle

The scorching heat has knocked our doors and the gatherings have shifted to evening.  The fascinating Beer Mugs and Beer...

Tea Kettles & Accessories – As Hot as the Beverage Inside

On Mar 05, 2016, in Cups & Mugs, Drinkware, by urbandazzle

After an exhausting day when you retire at your place, a cup of tea rejuvenates you and instill a boost of energy. Be it tea or green tea, they offer oodles of health benefits along with a great taste. The relaxation doubles when the hot beverage is served from elegant Tea Kettles to magnificence tea crockery. The Tea Kettles & Accessories by UrbanDazzle epitomize appeal as well as durability.

Moments to be cherished!

On Apr 25, 2015, in Dining, Dinnerware, Drinking, Drinkware, by urbandazzle

All of us have always had that special group of friends; we always have liked to hang out with. Whether...

How to make Pina Colada Cocktail

On Jan 05, 2015, in cocktail glasses, Drinking, Drinkware, Home Decor, by urbandazzle

Pina Colada, is a popular drink and a well known cocktail in America. Rum finds its use not only in...

A New Year, A New Beginning…

On Dec 27, 2014, in Cups & Mugs, Tea - Coffee Mugs, Tea Sets, by urbandazzle

Here is the reason and your chance to shop again. New Year brings a lot of happiness, joy and excitement....

Treat yourself with Virgin Mojito!

On Dec 22, 2014, in Drinking, Drinkware, by urbandazzle

Drinks are a great treat to enjoy! Almost all occasions and moods set the need of it. Most of the...

Mistakes to Avoid When Making A Cocktail

On Nov 11, 2014, in Barware, cocktail glasses, Drinking, Stem Glasses, Tumbler, by urbandazzle

Cocktails are great fun. Whether it is organizing a party at your house, or going to a bar and getting...

The Beautification Of Your Drink

On Oct 30, 2014, in Barware, Drinking, Drinkware, by urbandazzle

Everyone enjoys a good drink now and then. We all have our favorite spirits that we go to after a...

Charming Decor That Enthralls Your Guests

On Sep 27, 2014, in Decore, Dinnerware, Drinkware, Figurines, Home Decor, Photo Frames, Vases, by urbandazzle

How important is presentation to you? Most of us would reply in the affirmative. Now the next question, that is,...