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10 Cooking Hacks that you probably didn’t know

On Jun 25, 2016, in Home Decor, by urbandazzle


While some are a pro in cooking some adore experimenting in the kitchen. Irrespective of your cooking experience, the below-mentioned cooking hacks will make your life a lot easier.


1) Balance the Salt:



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If you have added extra salt to your dish, don’t freak out! Few spoons of milk or adding a raw potato will neutralize the taste.


2) For puffed up Puris:



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 Refrigerate puris before frying for fully puffed up and less oily puris.

3) Peel oranges without mess:

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Peeling oranges or citrus fruits could be a mess. Roll them on floor or microwave it to make the peeling less cumbersome.


4) Get rid of sticky noodles:


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Once the noodles are boiled, drain the hot water and add cold water to separate the noodles.


5) For soft Paranthas:


 Add milk while kneading the dough to relish soft and easy-to-chew paranthas.


6) For faster French Fries:


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Boil the potatoes before cutting and frying them. The fries will cook faster without consuming more oil.


7) Avoid spillage of milk or water:


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In order to do so, keep the milk/water on low heat and place a wooden spoon on top of the vessel.


8) For a perfect boiled egg:

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 Use a pin and make a hole on the top of the egg.


9) To enhance the flavor of Sooji Ka Halwa,


Sooji Ka Halwa.jpg

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Add 1 tbsp of Besan (gram flour)to it while cooking. It will also enhance the color of the sweet dish.


10) To stop the sliced fruits from turning brown,


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Just sprinkle lemon juice over them. It works in the case of apple, avocado, etc.

With the above-mentioned cooking hacks, Urbandazzle, one of the leading designer crockery and glassware stores of India, endeavors to make your life hassle-free.