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Founded in Italy in 1967, TVS is a progressive brand that works on the philosophy that “inspiration is everywhere”. This profound ideology is what helps TVS create cookware essentials that are a fusion of state-of-the-art production techniques and the vision of master craftsmen. A world leader in nonstick coatings, TVS collaborates with world famous master chefs, artists, studios and designers to bring you a collection that looks as good as it performs. TVS boasts of a prolific history of adding colorful flair to kitchens as early as 1991. 1996 saw the dawn of its first induction-based line. In 2009, TVS introduced “Arte in Padella” or “Art in a Pan” where world-famous artists collaborated with well-known chefs to reinterpret cookware. We, at Urbandazzle.com, bring you two of TVS’ benchmark collections – the award-winning Arco line by Giugiaro Design and the Liquida collection by designer Angelo di Porto. Reinventing nonstick casseroles to frying pans, saucepans and more for the 21st century kitchen, get ready to welcome art to your stovetop. We stand with TVS’ belief that good cooking is imperative to good living, and therefore, deliver stellar collections making waves across the globe right to your doorstep. With premium packaging and hassle-free payment options keeping your products to money absolutely safe, you can nonchalantly deck up your dream home.