Set Of 4 Pieces
(4 Plates)
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Devnow Ceramics Rectangular 2 Partition Dish 10.5x6.5cm

Set Of 4 Pieces
(4 Plates)
Rs. 652.00
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Type Gifts
Model No. A3175
Make China
Box of 4
Package Contains 4 Plates
Length 10.5cm
Breadth 6.5cm
Height 1.5cm
Care Instructions Dishwashersafe, Microwavesafe


When divine grace and beauty come together, the result is the uber-chic Rectangular 2 Partition Dish from Devnow Ceramics. Now pleasing guests that are poles apart is a walk in the park, as you conveniently serve up two delicacies at a time to keep everyone in the room charmed.