Wine Accompaniments

Any wine enthusiast would know that a wine tasting session is never just a congregation; rather it is an experience that requires the right setting and tools. Whether you are a professional setup conducting a fine wine tasting or a wine aficionado trying to educate your peers of the finer nuances of the art, you shall find our wine accompaniments sections particularly useful. Our selection of wine accompaniments has also been put together for guests who intend to indulge their host’s affinity for wine and wine tasting by gifting them the appropriate accessories.

Like any wine aficionado would know, the very basis of a good wine tasting begins with the use of the perfect glassware. You can gift your acquaintances or purchase for your very own event, special wine tasting glassware that is suitable for red as well as white wines respectively. The dimensions, design, cut and materials used to manufacture these wine tasting glasses have been fine tuned to make your wine tasting experience even more refined. While the cut on these tasting glasses allows for you to fully savour the aroma, the crystalline glassware helps you admire those enticing beauties in all their glory. All these features combined make these wine tasting glasses exquisite and thoughtful gift ideas.

We also feature a selection of fine wine decanters as well as cheese platters to help you gift an entire set of accessories that will exhilarate your wine enthusiast friend. These decanters or platters can also be paired up with a fine wine bottle to be gifted to someone you would really wish to impress. And the best part being, wine accompaniments make for impressive gifts at any and every kind of occasion, be it Diwali, Christmas, New Year or even a promotion.

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