There’s something about Christmas that brings a sense of warmth during those harsh winters that goes beyond religion and belief. Not only is Christmas celebrated with equal fervour in India, as it is in the rest of the world, but exchanging gifts on such a holy occasion has also become quite a common part of our culture. Just as Christmas evokes a sense of warmth, Christmas gifts too should be chosen with the same spirit in mind. This is why we bring you an assortment of drinkware, serveware and home decor items that spell celebration. Choose from a range of shot glasses and champagne flutes to cheer with your friends as you share in the joy of Jesus Christ’s birth. Present your best friends with earthy mug sets chiselled to perfection as Christmas gifts, to remind them of the warmth and refined nature of your relationship. You could also take a pick from our elegant serveware to indulge the ladies in their love for baking, kind of making sure next Christmas turns out to be an even heartier affair. Or, simply browse through our “what’s new” section to see the latest, uncommon items in our collection to select the perfect gift for Christmas and marking it a memorable affair each year.

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