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Water Glass

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Just as the humble quencher, water has found many variants over the years such as spring water, mountain water, sparkling water, etc., so has the traditional water glasses evolved to make way for inspiring pieces that not only appease your thirst, but also delight the sight. Choose from a variety of shapes, cuts, styles, colours and embellishments when shopping for the water glass to adorn your dinner table and entertain in style.

The water glass has come a long way as it has been twisted into its square, contemporary avatar that works well for semi-formal gatherings; the leaning tumbler that adds an element of fun to casual get-togethers with its tipsy demeanour; and the elegantly carved variant that brings the mystery of a masquerade ball to any setting.

Our wide range of sophisticated to quirky water glasses works well in case of daily use as well, delighting the senses with each sip. While the high ball varieties can be used to serve milkshakes, lemonades, or other colourful concoctions, the lowball variety is great to savour those exotic juices and smoothies. Whether you choose a high ball or low ball water glass, make sure your pick works well with your style of entertaining.