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Shot glasses are small glasses that are designed to hold liquids in measurements of 25ml to 50ml. A shot glass is usually used to serve strong spirits and liqueurs in appropriate amounts, and even to serve small cocktails. Shots are traditionally drunk in a quick-fire manner, hence the name 'shot'. Despite their small size, shot glasses will often have a thick base, which is ideal for slammers, which require the drinker to 'slam' the glass on the bar top. A slammer shot contains a fizzy ingredient, that when slammed, fizzes up to give the drinker an added sensory experience to the strong alcoholic shot.

From after dinner drinks to shooters, our range of shot glasses cater for a variety of spirits and liqueurs. With a wide range of shot glasses from brands such as Arcoroc glassware, Luigi Bormioli, Borgonovo, Durobor, Ocean glassware and many more our shot glasses make excellent gift ideas. Our range of shot glasses include heavyweight shot glasses and toughened shot glasses which are ideal for slammers and can be used for tequila shots, vodka shots, layered shooters and also for individual dessert display.

We offer a wide range of different styles and sizes, including single shot glasses and double shot glasses. Our entire range of commercial shot glasses and domestic shot glasses are available with fast delivery and cash on arrival option.