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Juice Glass

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Who says healthy living needs to be boring? No matter what kind of a juice tickles your fancy, be it mixed fruit, vegetable or any other exotic variant, we have the perfect juice glass to serve it up in all its glory. Let those luscious drops of health shine through as you pour them over into either of the juice glasses available in our range.

You won’t find a plain round glass at urbandazzle because we know that won’t just cut it, as your juice glass should complement your signature style of serving. In our lowball juice glass variants, we have square, tapered and quirkily tilted glasses that not only catch the eye for their eccentric shape or design, but also for their excellent quality. These glasses are perfect to showcase freshly squeezed citrus juice, delectable grape or cranberry juice, the translucent and nutrient-packed apple juice and much more.

In our highball, as in tall, variety of juice glasses, you get to take a pick from oblong and slender shapes to curiously dimpled variants. These glasses not only make for a hearty and bold presentation of your health pick of the day, but also allow you to serve a range of juices as well as other concoctions. You can choose to pour in thick, luscious vegetable mixes, milkshakes, soda shakes, mocktails, lemonades, and even desserts in some of the variants to make family time, fun time every day.

The variety of juice glasses that you will find on urbandazzle are not only for daily use, but some chiselled beauties can liven up gatherings as well. With a wide variety to browse through, brace yourselves to make your debut in the world of juice junkies, who cheer away to good health.