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A double old Fashioned (DOF) glass is a lowball glass that typically can contain about 12 to 16 fluid ounces (350 to 440 mL) of liquid. Double old fashioned tumblers are normally used to serve whiskey with ice, or if you are adding a mixer such as soda, ginger ale or coke. So when you want to unwind with a large peg, the patiala of your favorite Scotch, Bourbon, Irish whisky, Japanese or Indian whiskey, a DOF tumbler will be the one to reach for into your cabinet. At urbandazzle you will find a wide variety of Double old fashioned glasses from cut crystal to crystalline to soda lime. From old world Hollywood glamour with a distinguished heavy base to sleek contemporary Italian styles , we have glasses to suit every taste.

These glasses can also be used to serve whisky based cocktails such as Manhattan or a simple cola with Bourbon.