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When it comes to creating cocktails you’ll find many variable sizes and shapes to your glassware. One such elusive vessel is the Collins Glass; it’s used in many cocktail recipes. A Collins glass typically will contain 10 to 14 fluid ounces (300 to 410 ml). Cocktails look delightful and fancy in this glassware, from Long Island Ice Tea, Captain Hook, Carbonated Piston Slinger and, of course, the Tom Collins.


The glass is cylindrical and tall and may be frosted or clear. You’ll probably see them used in bars for exotic drinks and, sometimes, you’ll be served soda in a Collins Glass at a bar, pool hall or anywhere trying to impress the guests. You may also use it to serve soft drinks, alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks, sours and even Bloody Marys.

At Urbandazzle you will find a wide variety of Collins glasses to suit your taste, budget and usage from distinguished glassware brands at great prices.

Interestingly, Collins gets its name from a drink that was named after a London waiter. The Collins glass was originally named after the drink John Collins, a combination of genever gin, lemon juice, sugar, and water, either sparkling or still. The drink became a class of drinks with the addition of the Tom Collins (Old Tom gin, originally, in place of the genever - nowadays made with London dry gin instead) and, by 1885, with the Fred Collins made with whiskey. Subsequently many variations were recorded under a great number of clever names - enough that the glass, the drinks all had in common gained its name.