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A favorite pastime for many, enjoying a good pint of beer is helped all the more by the type of glass you use. For those that love beer, the right glass is essential, which is why we have a great selection of beer tankards, beer mugs, novelty beer glasses, pilsners, stemmed beer glasses, pint glasses and half pint glasses. Because everyone has different tastes, we offer a wide variety to suit all requirements.

The traditional handled tankard is still popular today and comes in many different forms. The classic British dimpled mug is a firm favorite among beer clinkers due to their sturdy design. As you browse through the site you will come across tall Irish beer mugs, dimpled mugs, classic giant mugs and many more. And when you do find the right one, call the boys over, start the Oktoberfest, cheer for your favorite team, be the life of the bachelor party and come back to urbandazzle for more.

If you're hosting a large event or own a bar, we offer a range of toughened and tempered beer glasses suitable for commercial establishments, such as pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants.