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Tumblers are technically described as flat bottomed drinking glasses; however, those of us who love to entertain know that this definition does not even begin to capture their essence. The world of tumblers has evolved to not only offer innovative twists on old fashioned and double old fashioned makes, but to include a whole range of shapes, cuts, contours and colours to turn those humble drinking glasses into collector’s items of sorts.

Whether you are an individual who has a taste for the finer things in life, or a professional caterer in the hospitality business, our range will have the ideal match for either of your needs. Ranking high on innovation, aesthetic value and quality, you can adorn that dinner table with a style unique to you and tumblers to well-complement the same.

The variety of tumblers available on urbandazzle.com not only includes water glasses, juice glasses, coloured glasses and tea and coffee mugs, but also offers a range of bar glass wide enough to include highball glasses, beer mugs, shot glasses and beer pilsners. With a bar glass for every mood, our entire collection is stocked on the understanding that a pilsner suitable for an evening out with friends just won’t do where a beer goblet is needed to pack a punch into that power lunch.

Over hundreds of styles to choose from and a dozen brands (Italian brands Luigi Bormioli, Ego, Borgonovo, RCR, the French finesse from Crystal d'arques, the Thai giant Ocean glass, Luminarc, Soga, Devnow glass and ceramics) to add their unique touch to them, browsing over our selection of tumblers won’t leave you disappointed, irrespective of who you are and what your preference.

Tumblers are not just a pre-requisite for entertaining or dining, they also enhance the drinking experience. The right tumbler can help create beautiful moments out of an ordinary drink. Let us help you choose the right one for your every need. As you browse through this glass wonderland, you will find tailor made solutions for every requirement, budget and style. So if it is a highball you require in lead free crystal or Collins in soda lime it’s a one stop solution that we present. You will find glassware from ace Italian brands luigi bormioli, ego, borgonovo, rcr besides the French finesse from crystal d'arques, the Thai giant Ocean glass, luminarc, soga, devnow glass and ceramics… its an endless list. Since we offer the entire line of products, we will help you match your wine glasses with your champagne glasses and your beer tumblers with whiskey and juice tumblers. We are sure you will find what you looking for and much more, so make time to stop by urbandazzle.com and get bedazzled by a never before range in glassware within the comfort of your home, all delivered direct to your doorstep with a cash on delivery option.