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Wine Glasses

Why it is important to have the right Wine Glass

The world of wines is one that needs the dedication of a lifetime to be explored in its entirety. Ask a connoisseur the importance of the right wine glass and he won’t shy away from mentioning that it is as important as breath to life. Whether you are looking for a taster’s glass to give you the perfect preview to the temptation that follows, or a stem glass to accompany you on those fine evenings, we have them all.

Variety of Wine glasses to suit all types of Wine

Just like wines go beyond the basic variety of red and white to include sparkling, rose, dessert and fortified wines, the basic wine glasshas also found many variations and modifications over the years; all to make your experience even more enriching. And, just as the tint, tannin level and dryness of a wine helps differentiate one from another; the cup, stem and foot of a wine glass helps make it unique and ideal for a particular kind of wine.

While the shape and contour of your glass would determine whether it is more suitable for a red or wine variety, your choice to go stemless or have a stem depends on a variety of factors. Keeping the temperature of the wine stable is one of the primary reasons one would invest in a stem glass, while some argue that maintaining their pristine demeanour free from finger prints should also feature on your checklist.

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