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Cognac Glasses

At Urbandazzle you will find the best  range of the finest brandy tulips and snifters. After all, the Cognac producers put a great deal of time, care and effort into producing one of the world’s finest beverages, so it is only proper that you ensure it is served in the best possible drinking vessel. Brandy snifters feature a short stem and large bowl to help to release the flavours and aromas of your chosen tipple by swirling and cupping underneath the bowl to gently warm the brandy or cognac. Most brandy glasses have a large capacity, but should only be filled with a small measure of brandy.

There are basically three kinds of brandy glasses tulip, ballon and snifter.

Tulip glass

This glass is widely agreed by experts to be the king of Cognac glasses. Its design provides the maximum surface area for the liquid and then directs the full force of the bouquet upwards towards the nose to provide maximum bouquet and flavor. The tulip has a long, elegant stem which climbs to a very wide bell. This then curves inwards as the glass ascends and flares out a little at the rim – looking very much like the flower from which it takes its name.

Balloon glass

Also known as a brandy glass or brandy snifter, this glass tends to be more widely used than the tulip. 

Balloon snifter

The snifter has a short stem and a wide bell which narrows as it reaches the rim. Again, this concentrates the bouquet and intensifies the flavour, although it does this to a lesser extent than that of the tulip.

Select any one style that suits you, it's the perfect gift idea for the ultimate brandy lover, our selection includes designer brandy glasses and crystal brandy glasses from international glassware brands. The best part is that it can all be delivered direct to your door.