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Champagne Flute

Special occasions call for a special drink in special glasses. Celebrations are incomplete without popping the cork of the bubbly and pouring it into stately, gorgeous champagne flutes. The champagne glasses are stemmed glasses with a tall narrow bowl with a long to medium stem. These glasses have a shape designed to reduce the surface area of champagne exposed to the air, prolonging the time the champagne has bubbles. As with other stemware, the stem allows the drinker to hold the glass without affecting the temperature of the drink. Its smaller diameter also allows more flutes to be carried on a tray.

At Urbandazzle you will find a large range of champagne glasses, perfect for serving up a celebratory drink, whether you're celebrating an engagement, anniversary, wedding, birthday, job promotion or concocting up that special candlelit dinner for two.

Find the perfect champagne glass with our selection of champagne flutes and champagne saucers. From designer champagne glasses to everyday champagne flutes, we've got something to suit your occasion. For bars, pubs and hotels, we offer a range of toughened champagne glasses and tempered champagne glasses.