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Ice-Bucket Sets

When the evening is ripe with merriment and conversations, an ice bucket always comes in handy to keep those devilish delights cool along with the ambience. Ice buckets are not only commonly used to serve ice cubes when needed, but also to stash away that champagne or wine bottle until it is time to pop open the cork on the good times.

At urbandazzle.com, we not only house individual ice buckets, but also complete ice bucket sets that come with complementary glassware. Whether you own a home bar, or a professional one, ice buckets are a necessity when it comes to entertaining your guests the right way. Gone are the days of the plain old ice bucket that came with a plastic facade, you will find a whole new world of ice bucket sets at urbandazzle that match the exquisite appeal of the glasses you would flaunt at your bar.

You have a choice of an ice bucket set that features matching glassware or an individual bucket with tongs included. For those looking to adorn your bar with a scintillating set that adds the perfect dazzle to those heady concoctions as well those chillers, the Brighton set from Luminarc would be your best bet. For those in love with the clean lines and minimalist appeal of contemporary designs, you will find the sterling seven set from Luminarc to be the right match for your needs. And, for those who like grandeur in everything that they do, the imperator set from Luminarc with tall and short glasses and a serving jug would be the right fit for your service needs.