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No dish can make a lasting impression without the right kind of seasoning. Salt, pepper, balsamic vinegar and olive oil are some of the most favoured seasonings across the world and almost always find their way into any kind of meal setting. Whether it is an Italian fiesta you intend to serve, or an exotic Thai spread, seasoning can make or break the deal on your gastronomic creations.

Long gone are the days of the plain ol’ cruet set, where plastic or stainless steel bodies were your only choice. At urbandazzle, you will find a wide range of refreshing cruet sets that will not only transform the entire appeal of your culinary creations, but also uplift the ambience of your dinner table. From subdued blown glass beauties to designer wood and steel sets, our range offers you a set befitting of every occasion.

You have the choice to prep your dining table with a basic salt and pepper set, or even go for a more elaborate set inclusive of oil and vinegar dispensers coupled with seasoning shakers and a befitting holder.  Each set on our site has been fashioned to suit the needs of the modern host, while keeping functionality in mind. Each of the cruet sets available can either be chosen to embellish the domestic dinner table, as well as possess the finish to be placed at professional settings. With a mix of the best national and international brands, you will be spoilt for choice as you browse through our collection, as each set has been hand-picked to cater to a variety of tastes and service styles.