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Soup Plate

Do your dinner plans usually start with a dose of good health? Having a soup as a starter not only ensures that you make an appetizing start to the meal, but also that your senses calm down enough to enjoy each and every flavour that is to be served during the main course. Whether it is a casual luncheon or a formal dinner, the soup bowl needs the company of a complementing crockery partner, the soup plate, to make the right impact on your guests. A soup plate generally features a shallow bottom and a wide, flanged rim and mostly goes best with formal sit-down dinners.

A soup plate can serve two purposes; it can either be used as a supporting dish to a soup bowl, or be used individually to serve thicker broths. In either case, your choice of soup plate should be in keeping with the rest of your crockery.

At urbandazzle.com, we house a wide range of soup plates to match the bowls in our dinnerware collection. These soup plates can be bought individually, or even paired up with their befitting counterparts. While the quadrato black soup plate makes for the perfect companion on formal dinners, the quadrato white soup plate has been known to grace the table at power lunches. The elegance of the authentic white soup plate is perfect for those cosy luncheons, while the bold look of the authentic black soup plate is known to add drama to any setting. No matter what you choose, black or white, patterned or simple, the soup plate brings added grace to any meal setting.