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There’s nothing more soothing than a warm bowl of soup for company on a chilly winter evening. Whether you like to cuddle up to a bowlful of broth that has been simmering away all day, or just pop open a sachet and get yourself an instant dose of good health, a good bowl of soup can lift up the spirits any given time of day. Soups not only make for great appetizers, but are also healthy snacks, and work well for those who like to watch their weight, given they make the right choices.

No matter how you like your soup, clear or dense, hot or cold, with company or alone, you will find a befitting soup bowl in our crockery collection that will match your mood. While Luminarc’s black bowl collection goes perfectly with those clear or cold soups, it’s set of white soup bowls offer to be the perfect crockery companions to thick, bouillabaisse, noodle soups, chowders and the likes.

For those who like to enjoy their soup-time alone, the square soup bowl set from Devnow Ceramics can be a good investment. However, those who love to entertain and spend the whole day simmering away a good pot of soup; it is only apt to have their culinary marvels served in the charming 18-piece soup bowl collection from Devnow Porcelain. The Devnow Porcelain range comes complete with a soup plate and spoon that matches the sophisticated designs that grace the bowl, for an elegant set that marks the evening with style.