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Rice Plate

Rice is perhaps one of the trickiest dishes to prepare, as you not only need to make sure it cooks well, but also ensure that it does not break or get too sticky during the process. Rice dishes are relished across the world and are often considered to be the ultimate test for one’s cooking skills, for if you can cook them with each grain falling separately, you know you are on the right track.

After devoting what would seem like days perfecting that pulao, biryani or even plain basmati dish, it only makes sense to serve it in a sophisticated rice plate that makes it stand out during meal service. Give your rice dishes the perfect crockery platform to entice your guests with their pearly demeanour, by choosing one of the many rice platters available at urbandazzle.

Here you shall find a variety of square, oval and rectangular rice plates that work exceptionally well as standalone additions to your crockery set, or even can be paired up with the collection available on our site. For those who love a bit of artistic expression in all that they do, the Ming black and country flower rice plates make for the best choice. For those who like to make a statement without taking too much of a risk, the quadrato rectangular plate would be a good purchase. And, for those who want their service to get as much attention as their rice dish, the authentic black service plate from Luminarc is sure to make an impression.