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Dinner Sets

Why is it important to choose right dinner set..?

Choose your dinnerware thoughtfully and it will do you great service. There's a vast range of styles and colours available here, so read on to find a dinner set that best fits your bill.

A Dinner Set for Every purpose

Whether you use it daily or just dust it off for special visitors, a well-chosen dinner set brings your personal style to the table.  The range of crockery sets featured on urbandazzle.com generally consist of 27 to 51 pieces: four settings made up of side plates, dinner plates, bowls, teacups and saucers. The make-up of the set, and the size of the items in it, varies between brands. While dinner plates can range from 27 centimeters to 30 centimeters in diameter, bowls may be deep or wide and with or without a rim, and you may also find mugs to replace teacups and saucers. The size of your household and how many guests you invite when entertaining will naturally determine the kind and number of crockery sets you'll need. 

Get beautiful Ceramic & Italian Dinner set online in India at Urbandazzle

You have a choice of Valentino sets that have a more classic and sophisticated appeal, even though some of them feature contemporary designs, and sets from Luminarc that add a delightful play of colours to your meal against a crisp white background. Choose to make your fashion statement from amongst plain, plain with platinum or gold trim, charming heart trim, and embossed plain to brightly hued and patterned sets to reflect your personality.

Dinnerware is a major purchase, so do make your choice after due contemplation.  After all, one day it might just become an heirloom, passed over from generation to generation with pride.