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Pudding Sets

Whether you like your pudding sweet or savoury, it only makes sense to bring it out in front of your company in all its glory. No matter how you decide to cook a pudding, by baking it, steaming it, or even boiling it, we reckon that it should be served only in the most striking of pudding sets.

While ramekins do make for a great option to bake your pudding and serve it too, without having to go through the hassle of toppling it over and worrying about the mess that can be created, pudding sets help bring in that professional touch to your service.

At urbandazzle.com, you shall find a variety of ramekins and pudding sets to choose from, that will give you the liberty to stay true to your style of service and have the appropriate dish for every occasion. Whether it is the sinful chocolate pudding or the extravagant Christmas pudding, it needs a serving dish that can help it shine and entice your company, making digging in the only option they’d have left.

Choose from a range of opaque ramekins for service, or the uber-elegant pudding set from RCR, your pudding will have the desired attention from the word go. And, what’s best is that you can browse through a variety of crockery sets until you find the right option for you from the comfort of your home. Also, since we love to see you happy, we also offer a cash-on-delivery option, so that you can make the right choice, stress-free.