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Devnow Ceramics

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Devnow is a brand that translates the subtleties of the Indian sentiment into internationally designed products meant to augment the lifestyle of the modern day individual. Denow Ceramics makes up one of the four product lines offered by this coveted brand that features German and Italian designs, but is still very Indian in its soul. With an all white range, reminiscent of purity, Devnow Ceramics aims at infusing your living space with the qualities of immaculateness and sophistication associated with this pristine colour. Offering a wide range of tableware, dining accessories, cups, mugs and tea sets, this sub-brand seeks to bring about a sense of purity into every moment of your day. Being a home-grown brand, Devnow understands the exact needs of the Indian household and commercial space, which it seeks to fulfil with its quality products. Devnow Ceramic is a range that features a classic appeal, with its innovative German/Italian designs and understated beauty that easily complements any kind of setting and decor, while maintaining an elegant air. With Devnow Ceramic you can give your love for baking and serving a new lease of life, for its superlative range of ramekins makes the transition from the oven to the dining table seamless. Indulge in our country’s favourite pass time - drinking tea, with immaculate sets that take your breath away. And, to serve and pamper your guests with the kind of hospitality that has defined our nation for ages, Devnow Ceramic offers a range of bowls, service plates, chip n’ dip sets and more to infuse elegant charm into your culinary creations.