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An Italian brand, Decover is dedicated to putting the ‘art in decoration’. A leader in the field of glassware decoration, Decover is the answer to your cravings for uniquely crafted, fashionable serveware that sets your home a class apart. Known to enhance the elegance of glass in all its forms, Decover combines handicraft traditions with advanced technologies to beautify any living space with utmost ingenuity. Brought to life under the strict vigilance of highly qualified operators, you can expect stunning products of the highest quality lining your shelves. At urbandazzle.com, we bring you the finest collection from the house of Decover - exported straight from Italy. From exquisitely adorned tumblers to water bottles, glass sets and drinkware accessories, the Decover collection is perfect for modern homes that love a play on distinctive character. These exceptionally crafted, colorful pieces of glassware are not just for the home space, but also for cafés, restaurants and caterers that wish to make a trend-forward statement. Carefully delivered in premium packaging, we mirror Decover’s sentiment for maximum customer satisfaction, ensuring your product reaches you in pristine condition, every single time.