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Candle & Tea-Light Holders

Chaos and confusion have become a given with the modern way of living and almost everyone you know is looking to achieve that elusive “inner peace”. While everyone has their own notion of achieving a peaceful state of mind, there is something quite surreal about sitting in the presence of a lit candle in a dim room that tends to fill the soul with a blissful calm. This is why we, at Urbandazzle, feature a collection of the most charming Candle & Tea-Light Holders, so that you tap into your comfort zone as soon as you find yourself in the presence of that radiant beauty.

Our range of Candle & Tea-Light Holders is not only designed to fill your home decor with a surreal dazzle, but also to delight your dear ones with their sparkling charm. Whether it is your living room decor or bedroom decor, fill your ambience with a serene calm as you leave a scented tea-light on in our stunning candle holders. And, who can forget, no candle light dinner can ever be complete without them either. Though you would not have to worry about horrible wax spills or even hazardous accidents, as our selection of holders easily contain the melted wax and hold the candles firmly in place.

Candle & Tea-Light Holders have also become quite popular gift items in India these days. There is hardly any home decor that seems complete without an appropriate candle holder, which is what makes them extremely delightful housewarming gift ideas. Candle & Tea-Light Holders make for charming decor accessories irrespective of the main theme used for the interiors. You will find a host of sheer candle holders as part of our range, since these pleasant decor accessories easily blend in with any kind of decoration.