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Cristal dArques

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Originally christened as the Verrerie Cristallerie d’Arques; 1968 saw the dawn of a revolution in glassware that would come to be “the new nature of elegance” and be born again as the Cristal d’Arques in 2003. Bringing along its vast experience of over four decades in creating masterpieces in glass, this French brand has been a trendsetter from the word go. With its headquarters in the romantic city of Paris, Cristal d’Arques brings to your table a unique blend of tradition, creativity, quality, pleasure and the quintessential French appeal with its glassware. Making luxury affordable, the brand is the mastermind behind the first fully automated lead crystal stem glass; Longchamp, a bestselling collection; giving the world its first cased crystal using a fully automatic process to replicate the dazzle and beauty of sapphire; the pressed vase; and the crowning jewel of Technicolor stemmed glass, the Longchamp Folies. One of the most significant breakthroughs for Cristal d’Arques has been its innovative take on regular crystal, Diamax in the year 2010. An absolutely environment friendly innovation, Diamax is not at all lead crystal, and yet features unmatched purity, resistance and brilliance, giving you glassware that is really worth celebrating. From exquisitely chiselled stemware, to imperial footed centrepieces and truly breathtaking vases, urbandazzle houses a whole range of authentic products from Cristal d’Arques. We offer you the convenience to order any of the French brand’s most revered products from either of its collections, namely Breakfast, Decoware, Dinnerware, Dinnerware Accessories, Drinkware, Drinkware Accessories and latest additions.