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Air-Tight Fridge Boxes

One of the biggest problems faced while storing food is that, more often than not, we get stuck with boring looking containers that can only be used for storage, but not be taken out of the confines of the kitchen walls. Well, all that is about to change, as we bring you a wide variety of rectangular, round and square boxes that not only make for charming kitchen accessories, but can also be used to serve your guests as is.

At urbandazzle, you will find an exquisite collection of Air-tight Glass boxes that range from the simple, yet bold to the patterned, yet elegant. You can use these boxes to store a variety of food items including candies, biscuits, cookies, dry snacks, pulses, raw pastas or even tea leaves and sugar. Our selection of boxes entails some of the finest pieces from renowned international brands such as Borgonovo, Ego Alter, Luminarc and more.

If it is a minimalist approach that appeals to you, then the Primizie and Modi range from Borgonovo shall be a befitting choice. However, if you prefer a playful twist to your kitchen accessories, then the frilled candy jar collection from Ego Alter should fit the bill for you. And, while the dreamy demeanour of the jar sets from Morinox can prove to be inspirational pieces to place in your kitchen, the simplicity with a touch of gold from Borgonovo’s L’Ortolano collection is known to steal the hearts of many. And, if refrigeration is your main concern, then the Luminarc collection of round boxes should be make the ideal purchase for you.