OTG safe

Set Of 6

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Now Rs. 800.00

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Set Of 4

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Now Rs. 2,473.00

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Set Of 2

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Now Rs. 1,222.00

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Set Of 6

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Now Rs. 3,373.00

You Save: Rs. 627.00 (16%)

Bakeware is an can’t do without asset for any modern kitchen. Gastronomy gurus swear by oven to table bakeware. Urbandazzle offers hundreds of options in ceramic, glass and metal that can withstand the firing in the OTG.

There is a widest ever range of Ramekins,  pie dishes, casseroles, baking tins and other eclectic bakeware to choose from that come with the oven safe tag to make baking a joy both for the baker and their guests.