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Bormioli Rocco

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The Bormioli name is one which is associated with superior quality glassware across the globe. This Italian group of companies first stepped into the arena of making glassware in the year 1825. With constant investment as well as reinvention, Bormioli Rocco has earned its place amongst the leading producers of glass products in Italy as well as around the world. Bormioli Rocco is not only the market leader in terms of glassware products for the home as well as the catering business, but is also a prominent name in the field of plastic packaging for the food, perfumery and pharmaceuticals industries. By embracing research, attention to detail, innovation and a passion for the product, this Italian glassware leader has come to offer the finest of houseware, plastics and glass containers. Keeping abreast with an evolving market and consumer preferences, Bormioli Rocco has carved a niche for itself as a banner of excellence. With numerous patents in design as well as a deep commitment towards environmental issues, this Italian manufacturer makes sure to keep its product line sophisticated, fresh and minimum impact. At Urbandazzle, you shall find a host of products from the house of Bormioli Rocco that are suitable for use in the modern home as well as the contemporary bar or restaurant. From elegant decanters to inspiring dessert sets and even fun containers, Bormioli Rocco offers a variety of products that can cater to a wide spectrum of individual tastes and preferences. Bearing the quality assurance that comes with the Bormioli Rocco name, each product has been designed to leverage the synergies of materials, technology and a little extra for a lasting impression.