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An Italian brand that creates perfect harmony out of fire and siliceous sand for pieces that stand out and demand attention is what can best describe Borgonovo. Offering shimmering specimens, taking forward the Italian legacy of producing the finest glassware in the world, Borgonovo was established in 1950. Borgonovo offers three broad categories of products that are tableware, barware and home/industry jars. In its five decades of operation, this Italian brand boasts of maintaining its high quality standards in spite of having to diversify production lines to nine, over the years. Still attuned to the tastes and needs of the individual and professional caterer, Borgonovo takes pride in continually upgrading its products in terms of aesthetics and practical usage. With a signature type of glass, moulded to perfection in two state-of-the-art kilns, Borgonovo offers over 500 different glass shapes to choose from. Using the techniques of pressing, press-blowing and blowing, Borgonovo offers lead-free glassware for everyday use as well as special occasions. At urbandazzle, you will find a wide range of enchanting glassware from the house of Borgonovo. From very contemporary, square serving bowls, to candy jars that are elegance personified, and delicate chalices for the perfect touch to your celebrations, Borgonovo has a solution for your daily to special needs. Brilliant cruet sets, inspiring dessert cups, charming cake plates and even delicate tea-light holders, Borgonovo offers a world of choices to the modern individual for whom his/her living space is an expression of the self, to be adorned only by the best.