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Although a wine decanter may just look like a pretty addition for the professional or home bar, it happens to be a great tool that allows your guests to savour the best of the wine served. A wine decanter is essentially used to pour out the wine leaving behind any deposits that may have built up during the sedimentation process. This is quite an important step since serving the deposits along with the drink can make it quite bitter. While an amateur may not be able to make out this difference, a connoisseur certainly will and therefore, you will notice decanters to be a part of many-an-aficionado’s bar accessories.

Experts recommend decanting a young wine twenty minutes before it needs to be served, while an older wine should be poured out almost immediately before service. This recommendation is based on the fact that overexposure to oxygen can alter the notes and flavour of the wine. We, at Urbandazzle understand that wine decanter not only need to look like exquisite bar accessories, they also need to be made up of the right materials, so that they do not have any adverse effects on the flavour or colour of that wine.

At Urbandazzle, you will find a wide selection of wine decanter that have been manufactured using lead crystal that offer the highest level of clarity possible. All of the decanters featured on our website have been crafted to offer you utmost clarity, while ranking highly in terms of looks and design. Whether you choose a square, flask-like or long necked carafe as your bar accessory, they all allow you to serve those wines in all their glory, while giving guests a glimpse of their exquisite beauty.