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Whisky Decanter

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For anyone in love with those golden hued whiskeys, scotches or bourbons, the whisky decanter makes for an ideal gift. Whether it is a house warming gift, an anniversary present or gift for your boss, decanters make for a striking pick. These exquisite looking decanters come manufactured out of the finest of glassware and present those enticing whiskeys in all their glory. While wine decanters have been the only type to rule the market for long, since they were required to separate the wine leaving behind deposits in the original bottle, whisky decanters have been created mostly for aesthetic purposes.

At urbandazzle, you will find an exquisite collection of whisky decanters that not only make for classy additions to your glass cabinet, but also make for brilliant gifts. Choose from a range of majestic to elegant decanters that can be used to serve any kind of scotch, whiskey or bourbon. Almost all the decanters featured in our collection come with corks to better retain the aroma of those golden beauties. While you may choose to purchase a stand-alone decanter, you also have the option to embellish your home bar with a decanter and glass set


Whether it is a home bar or one in a restaurant, adorning it with a whisky decanter makes for quite a striking impression on your guests. Housing a magnificent decanter as a bar accessory to pour out those full bodied spirits will surely set you apart from the rest. At urbandazzle, we send you your choice of whisky decanter packaged in the most delicate manner, making it gift-ready from the word go.