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Serving spirits has to be done correctly, which is why we have compiled a range of decanters for a great taste experience. All our glass decanters are available with fast all India delivery for your drink service needs.

Our glass decanters are ideal for everyday use, and for special occasions, why not try our crystal wine decanters. From decanter sets to water carafes, spirit decanters and port decanters, our range of glass decanters and glass carafes caters for every drink service need.

Our decanters and carafes all come from renowned names in glassware, with Arcoroc decanters, Luigi Bormioli decanters, bormio rocco decanters and RCR crystal decanters making up our full range.

Further, decanters can be distinguished into the spirit that it should hold (wine or whiskey) and whether it is with or without a stopper (carafes).

A whiskey decanter is basically a fancy container used for storing whiskey. Whiskey doesn’t have sediment in it like wine does, so it’s not necessary to actually decant it. Unlike a wine decanter which serves the function of decanting the alcohol, a whiskey decanter is mostly used for storage and aesthetic purposes. However, whiskey decanters are known to impose a psychological effect on drinkers who swear that whiskey served from a decanter is far better than straight from the commercial bottle.

For any true whiskey lover, a nice engraved liquor decanter set is a must have. At urbandazzle you will find decanters in many traditional and modern styles, with both bold and elegant looks. Serving whiskey to your guests from a beautifully crafted crystal whiskey decanter will be sure to make you the most popular home bartender in your circle!


Wine decanter is like a vacation home for your wine. When you decant your wine into a decanter the air starts to mix up and party with the wine. This helps break up the tannins and releases its full bouquet. Contrary to what you’ve seen, simply uncorking a bottle is not enough—the bottle opening is too small to let in a sufficient amount of air. Wine needs room to “stretch its legs.” Most wines ultimately benefit from the aromatic unfurling a good decanter provides.  It gives your wine more complexity, more on the nose (sniff,sniff) and more flavor. Get the full value of your wine by decanting them, chose from our unique variety.

Author Karen MacNeil in the book The Wine Bible, advocate decanting for the purposes of aeration, especially with very tannic wines like Barolo, Bordeaux, Cabernet Sauvignon, Port, and Rhone wines .

Find a large variety of Soda decanters to serve soda or water with spirits like whiskey and vodka.  The soda decanter can also be used as an individual wine decanter for your guests. Your guests will love filling their own glass from their personal decanter and, as an added benefit; the wine will aerate and "bloom" until it's ready to be enjoyed.