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Bar accessories

Get high with bar accessories from UrbanDazzle

Whether you are accessorizing for your home bar or a professional one, urbandazzle can be your trusted embellishment partner to make good times soar to a whole new high. Our selection of the choicest of international brands to adorn the drinks table and bar will leave you spoilt for choice, as you sift through fine specimens of bar accessories from the house of Luigi Bormioli, Borgonovo, Ego Alter, Ghidini and the likes.

Right bar accessories are important

While the ambience, choice of drinks and glassware works wonders to set the mood right, bar accessories are an important aspect of creating the right experience too. We offer a range of decanters, ice buckets, can openers, cork screw, stopper, porers, nut bowls and chip n’ dip sets to help you in your quest for creating that perfect mood for the evening, whether it is spent alone in contemplation or with loved ones in merriment.

Decanters make for stylish bar accessories

The range of decanters available on urbandazzle.com includes vessels for wine, soda and whiskey that fully complement those glowing beauties. These decanters have been sculpted to not only show off those fine drinks in the most exquisite manner, but to also inhibit the release of their aroma, so that each time you pour out those magical concoctions you get a whiff of their tantalizing notes.


Buy Essential bar accessories across India from Urbandazzle

The ice buckets serve as an essential item on your bar as well, since they not only help preserve the soul chilling experience that is supposed to accompany each sip, but also accentuate the taste with icy additions later on. And, of course, just like no drinks service can be complete without crunchy, savoury accompaniments, no barware can be complete without our range of sometimes enticing, sometimes quirky nut bowls and chip n’ dip sets.