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Established in 1918 as the Ichikawa Brothers Trading Company, Zojirushi took on its present avatar in the year 1961. With an elephant for its logo, the company embodies the qualities of strength, familiarity and intelligence. Setting the industry standard in kitchen accessories with its first glass-lined vacuum bottle launched almost nine decades ago, the company operates on the philosophy of “improving its customers’ quality of life through creation of innovative products”. Zojirushi likes to stay one step ahead of its consumer’s tastes, for which it produces a constant stream of top-selling, high-quality food and beverage preservation items. One of its most popular lines is that of stainless steel vacuum bottles. Moving away from the plain old flask, Zojirushi has created an entire range of chic and colourful thermal mugs and bottles that can easily come in handy at home, work or even outdoors. The line of thermal carafes from Zojirushi feature convenient handles and are capable of maintaining the right temperature of your hot or cold beverage. With the motto to “keep drinks handy”, its line of thermal carafes are also real treat for the eyes. Also from the house of Zojirushi comes a line of stainless steel lunch jars. Now meals can be enjoyed piping hot, even hours after preparation, without compromising on style, as the company has a variety of sets on offer that range from the classic black to perky pink. At urbandazzle, you will find the choicest of products from Zojirushi that give you the added convenience of cash on delivery, besides the option to enjoy your meals and beverages on the go.