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You are surely unaware of these 10 kitchen secrets

Why struggle with little things while cooking when you can save your time and efforts with these easy hacks.

1. “Grate” Butter: Yeah! You heard it right. Freeze your butter and grate it over flour, muffins, biscuits, etc. Make sure you do that fast for after some time it will start to melt.

2. Make Cottage Cheese Softer: To make the cottage cheese (paneer) softer, dip them in warm water and with salt in it.

3. Avoid Onion Tears: Cut both the ends of an onion, peel it and wash it under cold water before chopping it.

4. For soft leftover rice: Sprinkle water on the leftover rice and reheat it to enjoy softer rice.

5. Peeling Garlic Hack: Take a heavy plate or stainless steel utensil, put it on the top on garlic and apply pressure. It will surely break apart the garlic.

6. Extract more lemon juice: Roll the lemon on the countertop of your kitchen before cutting and juicing it.

7. For Soft Chapattis: Along with warm water, add warm milk too while kneading the dough.

8. For Crispy Pakodas: Add corn flour in a very little quantity to the batter.

9. For Crispy Ladyfingers (Bhindi): Add a tablespoon of curd or lemon juice for crispy bhindis.

10. Keep lettuce fresh for a week: Drape a paper towel on the top of lettuce bowl. This drains excess moisture and hence keeps lettuce fresh for an entire week.