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Why you'll always be Dazzled, at UrbanDazzle

Remember that feeling, when you would walk as a child, into a candy store, and start to basically want every second thing you saw? Relive that moment, again with the new range of products, at UrbanDazzle. Only in this case, you’re much older, armed with a card, and you can actually pull out the candy you want. UrbanDazzle is India’s numero uno ecommerce store, for all things stylish. Now, we aren’t talking about perfunctory items, like clothing or jewellery. Those you can procure anywhere, and anytime you want. But when was the last time, you could browse around 20 products, that you could pull out, that can actually transform your home, from a mere living space, to a ramp.

Serving Set &  Serving trays


Yes, we’re talking home décor. And this is insane home décor. What a vase, can do, to a room, is subtle but mind-blowing. What a serving dish can do to a dining table is not to be taken for granted. We are so busy dressing ourselves up, that we forget, to bring in an element of style, where it matters most, into our homes.

Now, UrbanDazzle is not your average website, where you can buy a cheap vase, for very little money, put it on the table filling it up with flowers, only to realize, it looks like a three year old child’s toy.


No. Here, you find some exquisite vases, by designer ware companies, like EGO ALTER, Precious, Devnow Crystal, Crystal Darques, Bohemia, etc.

Buy Calypso Vase Online India

Now, in our country, the notion of being house proud, has not taken shape, as of yet. We thing, that all we require to do, is to call the cleaner in, get the place dusted, put on our clothes, and get out. We entertain guests outside the house, because it is convenient, and because we often hear ourselves saying “oh we don’t want them to see the mess the house is in”.

This stupid notion has stemmed from the fact that we do not take care of our homes. We do not decorate our homes. And this is not the yearly diwali decoration that sees your house turn into a fire hazard, with its multitude of lamps and crackers. This is about subtlety and class. This is about putting the right items where they belong.

Libbey  Margarita Glass & Jug Set


The reason UrbanDazzle, continuously impresses, is because they always keep revising their product range. Whether it is a simple water tumbler, check out the amazing products by Decover. Stop drinking water out of plastic bottles, instead house it in the stylish Borgonovo water jug, which is optimized, to hold just about enough water, without allowing it to get stale or old. Remember, this is not about utility; it is about utility married to style. You will not realize the difference these make to you, at one time. But, you will feel proud when your guest, finishes his glass of water, and holds up the tumbler in awe, and asks you where you got this from. Watch their jaws drop, as you reveal, that you did nothing, but typed Urbandazzle, in the URL, went to the intended section, and shopped, for the same amount that they did, only that they went halfway across town, burning petrol and patience, to pick up a product, that could serve water to inmates in prison.

Start shopping at UrbanDazzle, and transform the way your life takes shape.