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Who Loves Chocolate? Some Interesting Chocolaty Facts!

The answer is quite simple. We all do. Whether you’re old, young, diabetic, or not, you will always try getting your hands on some of this heavenly delight. Even people who are advised off chocolate do occasionally get in a sly bite or two into their favorite bars of chocolate!

Well on the 13th of September, you can all eat chocolate with gusto, given that it is World Chocolate Day.

Chocolate, is the most popular food type in the world, and has given birth too many spin-off dishes, that involve this delicious ingredient. It is basically a sweet, usually brown food preparation of cocoa seeds that are roasted and ground, and sometimes, flavored to add that extra zing. It is then liquefied, and then used either as a standalone dish, or as a flavoring ingredient, to sweeten other foods.

Cocoa has been cultivated for at least the last 3000 years, in Mexico. In fact, 1900 BC has been landmarked as being the year in which evidences of chocolate beverages have been found.

Chocolate, in moderation as is the case with everything, is good for health. They contain alkaloids that have physiological effects on the body, and are directly linked to our brain’s serotonin levels. Chocolate can lower the blood pressure. However, chocolate is bad for pets, so please do not indulge your dog or your cat for that matter!

Although, historically, cocoa originated, in the America’s, today Western Africa is touted as the largest producer of the world’s cocoa.

Several kinds of chocolate can be found. The pure, unsweetened chocolate usually consists of cocoa solids, and cocoa butter, in various proportions. Much of the world today consumes sweet chocolate, which combines milk with sugar. Milk chocolate is sweet chocolate that additionally contains some form of milk, like milk powder or condensed milk.

Chocolate can also be used to coat wafers, another very popular food item.

Liqueur chocolates, have become highly popular in the recent past, as chocolate has come to be commonly used as a coating for various fruits, such as cherries, and/or fillings. Popular liqueurs include the Bailley’s Irish Cream, or a kahlua.

bowl of chocolate

Chocolate has been known to have a lot of positive effects on the human body.

  • Dark Chocolate, which is basically unsweetened, has been known to positively impact the circulatory system.
  • Many studies have been carried out, and a lot of research has pointed to the fact that eating chocolate has been linked to a reduced risk of cardiovascular problems, and a reduction in blood pressure, in overweight as well as normal adults.
  • Chocolate, boots out cognitive abilities, and helps the mind think.
  • Dark Chocolate lowers blood cholesterol levels, in adults.
  • One particular study has even gone so far as to say that chocolate consumption is directly correlated to lower body mass index.
  • Chocolate has been known to lower cancer risks, and stimulate brain, as well as prevent coughs and diarrhea.
  • Cocoa beans contain a certain chemical, known as flavonoids. These can be used to create natural health boosting supplements.


Now since you know it’s good for you, grab that nearest bar of chocolate! And remember, everything in moderation! And don’t forget, while you’re at it, to fill up a decorative bowl, preferably one from Devnow Crystal, with some small chocolates and keep it on the coffee table! Always a hit with guests.