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Whiskey Tumblers

On Jun 23, 2014, in Barware, Casserole, Drinkware, Wine Glass, by urbandazzle

Whiskey Tumblers

There has been a great deal of doubt and mystery surrounding what to drink, in what fashion. Many people today, end up drinking expensive scotch, in cheap tumblers, serving them to guests nonchalantly, as if nothing matters. That is just wrong. When you have a fancy bar at home, it is only mandatory, that you have some good glassware and Barware, so you can serve the best, in the best.

Whiskey, is a revered drink. Whether it is a single malt, or a 24 year old scotch, it deserves to be consumed in a particular fashion, in a way befitting its legacy.


There are several products, on several websites, that claim to be catering to fine wining and dining, but no one has done their homework and their research, like Urbandazzle. With a dazzling brand portfolio, that brings the best in designer Drinkware, Urban Dazzle, is the hunting ground, for the true connoisseur.

The one who realizes, that when you are looking for home and kitchen décor, you should have a healthy budget. You should appreciate style, class, art, and everything else. You should learn, how to make the smart purchase. And a smart purchase does not mean a cheap set of tumblers, from your local market, but the means, the Luigi Bormioli Whiskey Decanter, the glassware, from Borgonovo, they are all designed.

There is a distinction between designer dinnerware, and glassware, and mass produced products. There is always that extra element of effort that goes in, when you make something handcrafted, with that much attention to detail. Hence, when you do browse through the product catalogue, at, India’s premier website for fine dining ware and glassware, you tend to pause, every time you scroll down, because every product on their page, somehow captures your attention in Myriad ways.

Wine GlassesWhich brings us back to the whisky, and the glass. Well, an accomplished man does enjoy his glass of scotch, and if it is served to him in a teacup, he will not tolerate it. Similarly, when you invite such accomplished people over, it is but a natural, that you provide them with the hospitality that is akin to their lavish lifestyle. Now, Urbandazzle, steps in, and helps you do just that, without straining too much on your purse strings. We believe, that you should spend on glassware, commensurate to your meals!

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Serving Sets by Devnow Ceramics

Today, you know that you need to keep abreast with the latest trends, in fashion, so why not do the same with dining ware? Is the kitchen relegated to being devoid of any creativity whatsoever? Or rather, is it the very cornerstone of creativity that we must all bank upon, to make sure that people come from our homes, and leave, with only one thought on their mind “where did all this designer glassware come from?”.

Urbandazzle has been created keeping in mind the house proud. Keeping in mind, that segment of the population, which YOU are a part of, that very segment, that would like their homes, to be a reflection of themselves.